Next-generation facilities and processes

By maintaining a constant technology watch, the Aktid team has a perfect view of the range of “core process” facilities available on the global market. Our experience and our many completed projects have also given us a very thorough knowledge of the benefits and downsides of each. This is one of the factors that enable us to offer custom solutions incorporating the facilities best suited to our incoming flows and to our customers’ constraints and objectives.

Moreover, we have chosen to incorporate the design of certain key items of equipment that we are convinced bring real added value compared with the existing products on the market. We have accordingly developed a range of market-leading ballistic separators, a rotary sorting table with considerable operational flexibility, and a range of conveyors that greatly reduce processing times and the associated labour costs.


Ballistic separators perform the “core process” in next-generation waste sorting centres. They are used to separate a stream of mixed materials into three or four categories, based on the principle that, depending on their physical properties, materials react differently when they are moving.

The SB+ ballistic separator designed by AKTID is the result of long research and development work which has made it possible to offer an innovative and robust product with unequalled performance.

The SB+ stands out thanks to:

  • Hourly throughput treated is 50% greater than a conventional ballistic

  • Over 21m² of screening area

  • Speed and inclination adjustable automatically in operation

  • Slats with a large range of movement

  • Easily-adjustable screening grids

  • Energy consumption reduced by 50% per tonne processed

  • Easy and secure maintenance in a standing position

Robotised waste-sorting facilities

Aktid’s Innovation team has been working for many years on the subject of robotising and incorporating artificial intelligence into the heart of waste-sorting centres.

This initiative addresses a variety of objectives:

  • To offer our customers solutions at the cutting edge of technology
  • To raise the percentage of sorted materials that are recovered

  • To give the operator greater flexibility

  • To make the quality operators’ working conditions more comfortable

We are working closely with all of the robot suppliers on the market in an effort to be able to offer a suitable robotics solution for each specific need.

AKTID sorting facilities for selective collection waste and post-consumer waste are already equipped with robots. Positioned at the end of the line and capable of performing over 3,600 movements per hour and lifting heavy loads, they complement the work done by the optical sorters and increase the recovery rate.


While some of the facilities are substantial, it’s always the details that make all the difference. It might be a hopper design that prevents congestion, a conveyor belt designed to prevent belt displacement, a well-designed maintenance access that saves time or workstation ergonomics that limit musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), etc.

Taken all together, these “little” details have a significant impact on machine uptime, employee efficiency and, it follows, the facility’s overall profitability. This is one of Aktid’s distinguishing features : it sets great store by these details that can’t be seen but make all the difference.