Aktid’s 2023 review: an exceptional year

24 January 2024

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2023 saw a number of projects won, including one as lead contractor. Aktid will therefore represent and coordinate all the members of the consortium, while providing administrative and financial management for the new selective collection sorting centre in Chambéry. Focus on this “home” project, where work will start in 2024 and with commissioning scheduled for summer 2025:

In Chambéry, the facility for Savoie Déchets, an inter-municipal syndicate for waste treatment, will be more efficient than the current sorting centre, with twice the processing capacity, in other words 40,000 tonnes of waste sorted per year and 11 outgoing streams. Its environmental impact will be perfectly controlled and justified, from design through to operation. The site will be equipped with the latest generation of energy-efficient machines and rainwater recovery systems, and will also be supplied with renewable energy from the urban heating network and photovoltaic solar panels.

This year, the inter-municipal syndicate DECOSET chose Aktid to design and build the largest selective collection sorting centre in France, operated by the PAPREC GROUP, to be located in Bessières, near Toulouse Métropole. This 10,000 m2 centre will be capable of processing more than 70,000 tonnes of waste a year from the 152 surrounding municipalities, representing more than one million inhabitants. This facility will also have cutting edge technology, with the latest Aktid innovations to guarantee the highest performance in terms of throughput and material capture.

These major projects underline the confidence placed in Aktid by local authorities and major players in the waste management market.


2023 will see the completion of eleven projects, including three unique Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) production units: Trivalandes, Morlaix and Syproval. These facilities make it possible to considerably reduce the amount of final waste sent to landfill by recovering it in the form of energy, thereby promoting local energy independence by replacing fossil fuels with local, storable and transportable sources.

Aktid also delivered for Trivalis in the Vendée an innovative facility for the production of RDF, using the waste from the Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) of residual household waste in particular, helping to halve the amount of final waste sent to landfill. The line, operated by Veolia, is designed for an incoming flow of 50,000 t/year, representing the production of 15,000 tonnes of RDF for cement manufacturers within a 150 km radius of the plant.

The GUYOT environnement group, near Morlaix, has entrusted Aktid with the design and construction of a new, modern, upgradeable facility. This unique plant, optimised to reduce landfill, produces fuel for the 20 MW GUYOT énergies boiler plant in the port of Brest. The 8000 m² facility processes and recovers 65,000 tonnes of industrial waste per year, supplying heat to the manufacturer Bunge via the boiler plant.

Lastly, SYPROVAL in Malataverne (French department 26), operated by a subsidiary of the PAPREC group on behalf of the Syndicat des Portes de Provence (SYPP), has installed two lines that sort and recycle 110,000 tonnes of waste a year, dedicated to industrial waste and residual household waste (RHW) from the Drôme-Ardèche and Vaucluse regions.

2023 also saw the construction of 3 selective collection centres;

At Parçay-Meslay, near Tours (French department 37), a new sorting centre owned by the local public company (SPL) TRI VAL DE LOIR(E), made up of 10 local authorities and operated by COVED, a subsidiary of the Paprec group, will sort 53,000 tonnes of household packaging a year for 900,000 residents across three departments: Indre-et-Loire, Loir-et-Cher and Sarthe.

In Alsace, the new selective collection waste sorting centre based at Richwiller sorts and recycles the yellow bin waste of 800,000 inhabitants of part of the Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin and Territoire de Belfort regions, a total of 45,000 tonnes per year. It replaced the existing plant at Aspach-Michelbach, which has reached saturation point.

Lastly, at Firminy near Saint-Etienne (French department 42), the new TriValLoire sorting centre operated by SUEZ and built with the collaboration of several entities will process 45,000 tonnes of household packaging per year for around 600,000 inhabitants.

Aktid has also delivered a number of projects this year in the industrial and construction waste sectors, including one in Grenoble for Lely environnement and another near Ajaccio for the ROCCA Group, enabling 40,000 tonnes a year of waste made up of metals, paper and cardboard, glass, textiles, wood and plastics to be recycled.


2023 has proved to be an exceptional year in many respects for Aktid. The company has doubled its turnover from €40 million in 2022 to €80 million in 2023, thanks to the construction of 11 waste sorting plants, 7 of which will be operating simultaneously. It also confirmed its high level of future activity by taking orders for around ten additional projects.

This year was also marked by the opening of Aktid’s capital to French investment funds Initiative & Finance “Tomorrow” and to Crédit Agricole des Savoie, supporting the company’s international development. This expansion led to the acquisition of Italproget srl, an Italian company specialising in waste sorting centres, making Aktid a group with almost 200 employees.

Aktid’s success and development prospects were rewarded in 2023. The company is one of the first 50 winners of the “ETIncelles” programme launched by the French Presidency which aims to accelerate the transformation of French SMEs with high growth potential into intermediate-sized enterprises (ETIs). It was also awarded the Jury’s Coup de Coeur Trophy at the ECO SAVOIE MONT BLANCceremony, highlighting the company’s committed approach, its exceptional growth and its HR policy.

In terms of innovation, 2023 saw the launch of the Smart Assistant, an intelligent tool that anticipates problems and advises staff in real time to avoid operating losses. This latest addition to the Aktid Smart Solutions range provides powerful tools for improving production quality, reducing costs and boosting sorting centre performance.

All in all, 2023 was a year of operational and strategic success, marked by remarkable achievements and significant growth. The projects won, the innovations and the international expansion have strengthened Aktid’s position as a leader in the waste management and sorting centres industry. This exceptional year is testament to Aktid’s ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation and its ability to seize opportunities for growth.

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