• Aktid se développe en Italie par l’acquisition d’Italproget et créé Aktid Italia

    Novembre 2023,

    Aktid annonce faire l’acquisition d’Italproget, société italienne d’ingénierie et de production spécialisée dans la réalisation de centres de tri de déchets. Avec cette première opération de croissance externe, Aktid se renforce et étend ses activités sur le marché européen.

  • The Cassous Group selects AKTID to build its construction-waste sorting line

    July 2021,

    AKTID is set to build the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region’s first mechanised sorting facility for construction waste. The product of close collaboration between the turnkey contractor and the Cassous Group, the new sorting centre will make it possible to recycle or reuse over 80% of the waste.

  • AKTID: two new cutting-edge sorting lines for Braley

    Braley and AKTID, two companies based respectively in Aveyron and Savoie, have been partners for 20 years. In a further demonstration of confidence, Braley has commissioned AKTID to build its new sorting lines.

  • AKTID: now partnering with the École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Saint Etienne

    May 2021

    For AKTID and the ENISE, this partnership encapsulates their desire to collaborate over the long term and create synergies in the areas of training and innovation.

  • At Pollutec, AKTID unveils ABI

    October 2021,

    At Pollutec, AKTID unveils ABI, the first performance analysis and optimisation software designed specifically for waste-sorting centres.


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