What are
dry recyclable materials ?

Dry recyclable materials comprise all of the waste that households have pre-sorted and deposited in the selective sorting bins or at the dedicated voluntary drop-off points. This recyclable waste consists of paper, cardboard, aluminium, metal packaging and the various types of plastic that compose our packaging, such as PET, PE/PP, HDPE, etc.

The waste in these yellow rubbish bins is collected separately from household waste and taken to a sorting centre. In order for this waste to be recycled, it must first be sorted to achieve a sufficient level of purity for it to be processed into a raw material.

The main operating principles of a Dry recyclable materials sorting centre

AKTID know-how

Through close to 30 years’ experience in handling waste and commissioning the largest waste sorting centres in France, AKTID has acquired a unique level of expertise in creating and upgrading selective collection waste sorting centres. Our structured organisation, our experience and our know-how make AKTID the go-to partner for your selective-collection waste processing projects.

An AKTID dry recyclable materials sorting centre brings you:



  • High-level performance over the long term
  • Low renewal costs
  • Special attention paid to the plant operators’ working conditions
  • Very easy operation and maintenance
  • Overall optimisation of our facilities’ energy consumption

  • Guidance and support to bring the operating teams up to speed with the industrial plant

AKTID facilities

Close-up on: Ballistic separators

Ballistic separators perform the “core process” in next-generation waste sorting centres. They are used to separate a stream of mixed materials into three or four categories, based on the principle that, depending on their physical properties, materials react differently when they are moving.

The ballistic separator designed by AKTID delivers an excellent quality of separation and processes an additional 30% of throughput by leveraging:

  • Unrivalled durability

  • Over 20m² of screening area

  • Variable, real-time adjustable speed of operation

  • Slats’ with a large range of movement

  • Adjustable inclination during operation

  • Easily-adjustable screening grids

Close-up on: The Multisort® modular, ergonomic sorting belt

Aktid has patented a sorting belt that significantly improves working conditions for control cabin operators and offers excellent operational flexibility.

A central sorting lane enables each operator to sort a major material (e.g., recoverable plastics in a paper stream).

Thanks to the Multisort® sorting belt, the little collection containers often found in control cabins are a thing of the past.